The Dutch school is sponsored financially by several individuals, associations, companies, funds and institutions. We are thankful to be supported by:


- International Gynaecological

Cancer Society

- Stichting Sionshulp

- Swaenenborgh Stichting

- Het Kantoor

- Tinker b.v.

- Heintz & Partners b.v.

- Several anonymous private funds

Support: the Dutch School method explained

Every doctor who has had the opportunity to learn and become a specialist should feel the moral obligation to teach others, an oil stain of knowledge and expertise. In theory, if ten specialists are trained every year and each of them would in turn train ten colleagues, this would this generate an army of new trained specialists. Theoretically, this would mean that in four years time, ten thousand specialists are trained and able to perform specific oncologic procedures every year as long as resources are available. A continuous stream of knowledge is brought about, backed by gynaecologists and scientists from all eight Dutch Academic Centres and the four large training clinics. Support of sponsors Dutch school chooses to be simple, clear and effective. We wish to handle support the same way. There are many ways to support our cause; a club or society who wishes to pay flight tickets, or an organization who wishes to give her name to a doctorate project. Dutch School makes sure to account for the support received. Personal contact is always possible, if the sponsor it so wishes.